Net Rollover Button by v3.0.0

Net Rollover Button by v3.0.0

Net Rollover Button by v3.0.0

Net Rollover Button by v3.0.0
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General Features:

  • Professional, precision cutting, profiling & polishing of granite, marble, stone and other materials
  • Extremely quick set up time with patented rail adjustment and integrated clamping system
  • Ability to set the machine at 0- 180 degree for bevel cuts, grinding, routing & polishing
  • Easy rail adjustments
  • Integrated powerful clamping system
  • True, finish ready cuts with industrial linear motion bearings and tension control(no lateral movement)
  • Industrial linear motion bearings and tension control
  • No lateral movement
  • Job site friendly. One person set up, operation and transport.
  • All accessories on-board
  • Increased cutting speed with with 12 amp durable, variable speed Makita motor
  • Superior quality cuts made possible by motor carriage locked onto the rail
  • Extended cutting cability
  • Choice of 6 ft or 8ft heavy duty aluminum rails
  • Cuts up to 14.5ft long slabs with two 8ft rails
  • Carriage immobilizer and detachable motor for easy set up and handling
  • Adjustable height cutting head
  • Each rail has rubber pads to protect material surface from scratches
  • Detachable motor for easy set up and handling
    General Specs & Warranty Information:

  • Carriage proudly made in USA
  • Built like a tank. Solid aluminum quality construction
  • Money back guarantee
  • One year motor warranty & three year warranty on all other parts
  • Total weight- 55 lbs
  • 2 max. cutting depth
  • Tension adjustment
  • Valve controlled water hose attachment
    Included with the purchase:

  • 12amp Makita motor with diamond cutting blade and GFCI protection
  • IMT-PRO CUT EDGE rail carriage
  • 6ft or 8ft aluminum rails
  • 2- 800lbs sliding rail clamps
  • 2- Water hook up attachments
  • Instruction Manual
    Client Reviews:

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